Sam Sneak and Scrapye raise money for Haiti relief

Scrapye & Sam Sneak have come together in the "Hope4Haiti: "L Union Fait La Force" Project and are selling T-Shirts for $30. 100% of the Proceeds will be donated to the and 2 Organizations working closely with the victims. Please remember u are not buying a shirt u are saving a life the shirt is just a mere token of appreciation! To place an order text 305-523-9553 or contact @scrapye or @samsneak Directly. Thank you, God Bless & Remember "L Union Fait La Force"  via

Disaster In Haiti

Shocking Image of The Presidential Palace In Port -au- Prince, Haiti destroyed after a Devastating Magnitude 7.0 Earthquake. Death tolls are expected to be in the Thousands. From BCMGLIVE.COM our heart and prayers goes out to everyone effected by this disaster. (Visit to help anyway you can)

Jay Burna Music Angel + Rolling Stone Video Preview

We had a great time shooting the video. Here's a video of Music Angel shot behind the scenes of Rolling Stone. Look out for this coming soon!